Quilt-spiralOn the quilt, these squares are organised in a clockwise spiral starting from the middle shown in the image to the right. Below, the squares are organised in a linear fashion for ease of navigation. Select a square to explore the diary entry that it represents. Please note not all the squares have been uploaded here yet. Do return to the pages occasionally to see more.

  1. Jenny, this quilt is a wonderful, tremendous thing! I am enthralled. If anything could lure me into liking the concept of doing a PhD…. this *would most certainly *be it.
    *is* “it”.

    • Jenny Hall

      Thank you so much Denyse. Sorry we have not discussed this before but I hope this shows that PHD’s don’t have to be just words…. :-)

  2. Emma

    A beautiful and thoughtful piece of work!

    • Jenny Hall

      Thank you Emma- pleased you liked it

  3. What a wonderful resource and avenue into thinking deeply about the special quality that is childbirth.
    It is good to have this online and accessible
    Susan x

    • Jenny Hall

      Thanks so much Susan. Yes this process is all about being still and taking time to process and develop understanding- something I need more of!

  4. Lynn Raphael Reed

    This is unbelievably beautiful and moving. It was an absolute honour at the time Jenny to ‘supervise’ your enquiry – which felt more like accompanying you as a friend. And it is wonderful to see how the creative process has continued to flow. What a great resource and a real encouragement for others to see that there can be such heart-centred ways of understanding and representing our experiences of life.

    • Jenny Hall

      Dear Lynn
      Thank you for your lovely comment and for being such a profound part of my journey. You were and are a total inspiration to me x

  5. Alison

    Congratulations Jenny! This is fabulous…. wonderful to see your faith shining through both in art and in words :) You are an inspiration!

    • Jenny Hall

      Thank you Alison – I hope it continues now to inspire

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