Square-6It was inspiring to knit the square to the extent I hunted through to find some knitting I had started a long time ago (a very long time, probably originally when I was pregnant with A4 [7 years]- which then began to evolve into a cardigan for I 5 when she was a baby [5 years]!). Actually it was near the end of it and so I started to finish it. The process got me thinking of ‘unfinished business’- an issue that is constantly being raised in my psyche at this time. I am constantly on the move to start new things, and move onto something else- perhaps when things get too difficult or unchallenging even. I am not sure which or whether it’s both. I am thinking this is part of my spiritual journey now that I have to complete things in my life that have been left unfinished or unresolved. That is going to be a challenge in itself but I feel I should succumb to the process and use this EdD; I don’t know what will happen if things fail to be resolved or if things get resolved and then change situations- but if I don’t try I think my spiritual self will feel incomplete! This is actually very deep but perhaps by completing creative tasks that have been left may bring some of this resolution on one level and lead my thoughts to the resolution required on another. Anyway the knitting is now complete, and being worn by Isobel, so that’s satisfying, and is now a square of the quilt.

4. Daughter 4

5. Daughter 5

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