Square-58Interpreting some of the data material I start looking at the questionnaire this time. There is no logical reason to it, it’s just what I picked up first but I consider I should have gone through in the same order as I had with N’s. I note she has chosen a jokey name and question whether it’s because she is exuberant or whether there is a nature of hiding here. In fact all the way through I sense there is something unwritten and unsaid here. The picture she made was quite similar to N’s so they could have been influenced by each other. However, despite her assertion of being non-fluffy -I see the definite fluffiness here! My interpretation is limited though- I am puzzled by the heart being truncated – it’s almost an indication that she has lost something along the way and the feather is making that boundary- I wonder if that’s her child? I have no interpretation to go on.

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