Square-5I have finished creating the three squares. It has interested me that the one that was more the ‘positive’ one, the flower with hope, I have taken the longest time and more care over. The intensity of the stitching has been both frustrating but also satisfying as I neared completion. But it has said to me about how things you desire and hope for don’t come overnight, but are achieved through perseverance and hard work! For a spiritual approach, the significance is that it is after a question of self-growth coming through slow development. This indicates that the sessions can only be a snapshot and will not produce a miracle overnight- but maybe sometimes? Perhaps what I am trying to achieve is only to get them thinking about something, a way they can approach care differently. It is lovely to watch K’s2 creations and to be inspired by her. I knitted her a square to explore the texture and it was fun to do. I think that will have to develop into the next square but I am not sure how knitting will fit into a quilt! Also I made a jacket so a piece of that will have to come. My exploration of Kandinsky’s3 views of spirituality and art has got me thinking about the effect of colour, the ethos of blue as being the colour of spiritual. I find that interesting, as it is not a colour I always go for. Pink is more significant to me at the moment- is this the colour of feminine? Do I need to explore the significance of my feminine side in all this?

3. Daughter 1

4. Kandinsky, W. (1977) Concerning the spiritual in art. New York: Dover publications

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