Square-45The second session. The session today with the group of qualified midwives. Nine out of the 10 in the group turned up. I was quite agitated before the session, preparing everything, and very nervous really! I was fearful that they wouldn’t choose to participate during the session let alone my study. However when we first began, one had already sent her form in, and most of them waved them at me at the start! The session itself went more smoothly than previously. We (the other facilitator and I ) had decided to reduce the discussion on professionalism especially as the size of the group was larger and focused more on the art and holistic focus of the session. They had all written their narratives and we decided to get them to make the maps as before. In addition (the other facilitator) had the idea of adding little pictures as images of the places where there were peaks and troughs. This turned out to be a major plus point in the process. In addition we got them to discuss with threes, again due to the size and it seemed to break the ice for them. Getting them to make something after that appeared to be quite easy and there was certainly a willingness that surprised me. What interests me is that (the other facilitator) and I got on the floor to share and they all returned to their chairs- midwives knees was the joke but I am more concerned whether there is a power thing there. Students, no matter their age, tend to stay on the floor in a group. Is there something about being on the floor? The sharing went well- everyone joined in, and have made some powerful images. Discussion came around to issues with students, dominated by one in the group who is obviously feeling some resentments and it was very focussed on ‘them’ and ‘the others’ rather than themselves. The film also triggered some moments of discussion. At the end I reiterated no one had to participate but they all completed questionnaires and signed the sheets and wow! I have it all. I am feeling quite drained and emotional and immediately relieved.

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