Square-36M and I led a Staff Development workshop today. There was one midwifery colleague there, plus a chaplain, someone from admin, four nurse lecturers and a researcher art therapist. Once again I was stunned by the power of the exercise- that in 10 mins they could create something so simple but so meaningful. I was encouraged by their views of the value of this and that they want to try it out. It makes me want to research it more! The simple nature of the tool. I am clear now though that I could now talk to four of my colleagues who have done this exercise to ask their views. I also made a picture, which I don’t usually do- the question was ‘what does your role at the moment mean to you?’. I chose yellow card, something bright. I then grabbed a handful of straws and crossed them over each other and a shape that was complete but also moving outwards and enabling others to get in. Each of these were then placed on top of each other signifying a role- wife, mother, midwife, lecturer, editor: not in any particular order but chaotic as sometimes things feel chaotic. However I ended up surrounding the whole with a heart, signifying that I feel ‘loved’ surrounded by ‘love’.

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