Square-29I do another short shift on delivery suite. Suddenly I am thrown into ‘nurse mode’ caring for a woman in recovery who is pregnant but has had to have a gynae operation. I spend the time ‘being with’ her and her family, doing observations, holding her hand. I find myself trying to ‘pour love’ into their anxieties and fears. The grandmother is sitting in the recovery room reading a holy book and obviously praying. I decide to tell the woman her mother is praying for her, not something I usually do- she appears pleased. There is something here about no matter how critical the situation in midwifery terms, that it is possible to acknowledge the spiritual in the people concerned. Perhaps its even more critical as their needs are intense and brought to the forefront? The closeness to life and death is more acute. I reflect on the satisfaction I felt on being a ‘nurse’, a carer rather than a midwife- and the ‘love’ that people sometimes require to help them through- in some ways it is so similar to the role of being a mother.

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