Square-24So what was that all about? To go in and start talking about my confusion about the question and purpose of this- why should it bring up such an emotional reaction? It feels a bit like a ‘silly little girl’ saying ‘this is my research and you’re messing with it.’ But it’s also a showing of my vulnerability of exposing myself through this, the ‘navel-gazing.’ I know they are not really messing with it but trying to aid me find some clarity for what ‘I really want to do’- as [supervisor] said, this is my chance. But sometimes I don’t really know what I want except that I think I want to do something that makes a difference. I have been talking about this for far too long I am fearful that if I just do something auto ethnographic someone will say ‘that’s not worthy- its just her banging on again.’ Which is why I feel there has to be an element of others in this and not just those who subscribe to my viewpoint. The session today has helped me to bring some clarification but I need to resist it all as they have suggested. I like the group idea and following through with the three I have been with before. I would like to explore more arty activities with them as I think the art is only of ‘picture’ of that moment in time. To do some more at later points would be really interesting.

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