Square-15At the qualitative research conference [Bournemouth]. Interesting session on thinking about quality in relation to qualitative research. It challenged me over the quality of what I am doing and how I will ensure the credibility of what I am doing. Presentation was asking the question of how I could do holistic research. It was challenging in that environment and key questions have come as part of this:

• What is my research question?

• Should I be exploring the connection of spirituality to art?

• Is the education issue what I am really trying to find?

• Think about inner ethnography

• Should I separate myself/ views of spirituality from all this?- have I made an assumption that spirituality is connected to midwifery- Can I separate myself or am I too deeply embedded

• Am I assuming every person views spirituality exists?- but does this matter?

• This is a complex study- the feeling was I shouldn’t get ‘bogged’ down in methodology but think about a framework for data analysis first

It was also suggested to me that being unable to obtain data locally I may be able to link into Bournemouth and this may solve the ethics problem. In the complexity though is my desire to explore ‘whole person’ research.

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