Square-12The journey today has made me consider the spiritual nature of places. The feelings evoked by being in certain environments can be very strong, some more positive than others. But of course, what brings this ‘feeling’ is not necessarily the place but the memories of it and it is the people who create those positive and negative memories. So is the spirit of the place there because a person has left behind something of himself or herself? But this also has implications for us as midwives because of the powerful memories that are created around pregnancy and birth. The spirit that we give to the women in our care can have positive or negative imprints for her memory, which can then have implications of her feeling of ‘place’ in the future. I chose to do a beach/sea square for this, firstly as that was where we were when I wrote this and secondly because it is a ‘place’ I feel to be a spiritual place for me.

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