Square-1The exhaustion I feel after the [teaching] session is due to a number of factors- one because of being less than well, but also the nervous energy I expended getting a bit anxious about it! On the way home I decided on the pictures I would create for the quilt. I have decided first I am going to build it up as a ‘spiral’- in Sarah Wickham’s1 sacred spiral of being a woman, of the building up, layer-on-layer. I have also decided that it will require more than one for the session itself- a cloud to symbolise me feeling low, an emptying bucket (out a hole at the bottom) signifying the draining out, but also a spring flower to indicate hope that this may process into a worthwhile study! I may even use hope as a word.

1. Wickham S (2004) Sacred Cycles: The Spiral of Women’s Well Being London: Free Association books

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